Jasmine (stillsearching) wrote,

My teeth are sore, in a good way. I'm finally wearing my retainers after like 2 months without wearing them, maybe even 3. I had this dream last night that I hadn't worn them, so once I put them in, my teeth started gapping and my 4 front teeth came loose and were just hanging by strings of gum, and I had to manually stick them back into the gums. I thought it was a sign.

I had an awesome day with Jack. Lots of indecisiveness and shopping!! Man, I bought a vintage curtain (for my couch) for $40!! Who the hell am I? *sigh* I think I spent my paycheck money within 20 minutes. Why does money go faster than you can make it? Why is it easier to gain weight than lose it? Why is it easier to lower your grades than to raise them? Life sucks in that way.

So, I think my haircut is mullet like, and my friend thinks it's so Asian. What a terrible combination.

Jason comes home tomorrow! I'm so happy!!!! It's been too long...
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