Jasmine (stillsearching) wrote,

Checking out myspace profiles of people who went to cypress high school, this is what I found trends in...

-Lots of people who you didn't know liked Asian people (both girls and boys) are with Asian people now.
-Everyone (yes everyone, because I'm a part-time generalist) is MARRIED!!
-Everyone went to CSULB.
-Everyone is dating a burly white guy (where'd they all come from??)
-Everyone moved out of Cypress.
-Everyone is hot now. *jealous*
-Everyone has kids now! *jealous?*

I'm still waiting for the ones who gained, like, Kirstie Alley weight since high school. Haven't found any, most seem to have lost weight.

Man, seriously, though, it seems like every other profile, from my class, has wedding or kid photos on them. I thought that the 30s were the new 20s, but now that I've seen these, I'm feeling like the 20s are the new 30s, and more so than ever do I feel like my biological clock is ticking. They'll be grandmas by the time I have my first (probably retarded...ahh...old eggs) kid. I'm just wondering if all of these babies were planned. It's none of my business, but just out of curiosity. It's strange to see people from elementary school with babies; we used to play handball and sand tag together! I don't know if I should feel glad I didn't take that path, or jealous because they've gotten to that level of being that I haven't yet. I still feel like a kid. What am I talking...I AM A KID! Either way, I feel like a loser with a receptionist job despite my B.S. from UCLA. *sigh* And marriage? How can one be so young, yet so sure that they are the ones they want to be with for the rest of their lives? Or is marriage not such a commitment anymore, and just the "thing to do?" I bet they get their engagement rings from Robbins Brothers. (Skip and Steve....ARGH!!!!) I'm not bitter! I'm just intrigued by how different from mine my classmates' lives turned out.

I got a haircut. I can't stop thinking that I have a mullet.
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