Jasmine (stillsearching) wrote,

I shouldn't be on livejournal right now. I should be in R.E.M. I can't sleep. I had boba milk tea just a few hours ago. Smart one, huh? I need to wake up at 6:45am. I have a temp job as a receptionist! At a company that makes circuit boards (?) for the military! What the...I know. I got it through appleone. Went for my interview today, and am starting job tomorrow. Good pay, too! More than I've ever made in my years as an employee. I hope I don't disappoint them, especially having gotten my B.S. already, I'm sure they'll be expecting more than I can offer...as a receptionist. It's in Yorba Linda. Half of my paycheck will be going to gas. @#$%~!! Especially since I'm now driving my brother's Ford Explorer Sportrac. I always disapproved the excessive and unnecessary use of large trucks and SUVs by Americans, but honestly...it feels good, really good. I can be such a walking driving contradiction.

I had the most amazing experience yesterday, and I don't think I'll ever forget it. I went in for my ambulance ride along, the last step to completing my EMT class. It was insane, a 14 hour shift. It started out slowly, but picked up towards the afternoon. There was the old lady who experienced emotional distress over a domestic dispute, pretending to feel sick and have chest pains, the pregnant costco worker who felt weak and dizzy over not having eaten all day, the lady who tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills at the cemetery, the kid who got hit by a car while riding his bike without a helmet (non-fatal), the baby and teen who had seizures. My favorite of the day, however, was the gsw (gunshot wound). That was intense. He got shot in the groin, and they totally let me help! I helped apply pressure to the wound to slow/stop the bleeding and help hold up the saline/IV bag. He was in pain, but managed to request that we bring along the iced tea that he had bought before getting shot (it was still cold). I think it was maternal instinct or something, but in the ambulance, i was trying to calm him down by stroking his hair, which was wet and cold from sweat (no worries, i had gloves on). I helped to cut his clothes off, too. Man, it was just...really exciting. I'm totally convinced that I want to be an EMT for the next year and a half. And it didn't hurt that one of my EMTs was, well, hubba-hubba, to say the least. ;-) A funny thing is that I just bought a new AA white polo for the job, and usually, I get like stains on my white or off-white clothing from food or whatever random dirt, but this time, working with blood and sweat and everything, there wasn't a single stain on it. Impressive, no?

Anyway, I hope I didn't violate any HIPPA codes by telling you my story.

Snow peas out.
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