Jasmine (stillsearching) wrote,

I had another awesome day, although it had to start off a little rotten with the folks.

I've decided that I'm going to move out in Decemberish. It's only my 4th day home from the apartment and I'm already ready to move out. I'm thinking about working two jobs. I already applied for one (new store in HB!) and I have to wait a while for the second. I really hope I get the first one. Discount!! Anyway, then I'll be able to afford to stay away from here. I think that's the secret to being loved.

Having to grow up has really brought me down. I was the perfect kid, but I am far from the perfect adult. My parents want me to grow up (and fast), but who would want to do that when your parents gave you the most awesome childhood? If you ask me, it's kind of harsh to bring me up a certain way and then throw me out into the sea and expect me to just be able to swim against the current. Without proper training, I will be swept out to sea. I guarantee it.

But if you're talking extremes, then I will respond in extremes, which is why I've decided to move out so soon. I'm through with hypocrisy.
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