Jasmine (stillsearching) wrote,

I want to write a poem to my best bud, and you know who you are...

My buddy
My buddy
Wherever I go, you go too
My buddy
My buddy
My buddy and me

Oh wait, that one's taken, huh?

Anyway, I had an awesome time today. Well, after a grievous day yesterday (is that a word?) of moving out of my apartment (i'll miss that cockroach infested place), I'm finally at home in Cypress. What better way to be welcomed home than with a half-day with my best bud, jack. We went around Cypress to take some pictures. I had this idea last night to make a photojournal of Cypress of places that I remember from when I was a kid, like Arby's (at night) and the library (the civic center where people used to skate). Let's just say it wasn't a complete success. We were kind of discouraged when we went to Lexington JHS and Cypress High and found that it was under major construction. We got kicked out of Lexington five feet away from exiting. We were like "no shit." And then the guy spilled his coffee. I TOTALLY believe in karma!

And then we had iced coffee from starbucks and it was much needed, 'cause it was so hot today. i wore bright orange. just representing caltrans. now i know how they feel. just missing the white helmet. afterwards, we went to spectrum to shop a little (bought new shoes...no control whatsoever) and watched "March of the Penguins." I think they're human, but super! At least human-like! But that's what I say about Latte. No, but seriously, I watched it with an evolutionary perspective. I love science. It just makes sense. Wish I had been a more serious student, though. Oh well, too late for regrets.

I heard somebody got married. We're a little upset that we didn't get invited, much less heard about it. That's ok, though.

I'm excited about Thursday. Jack is going to get his eyebrow pierced and I'm tempted to get another one, but nothing else would look that great on me. I was looking up prices for an eyebrow piercing, and I stumbled upon something called a "Prince Albert" piercing. Boy, was I shocked (and disgusted) when I found out what it was. I was duped, because I was thinking that it was something nice, like Prince Albert Island, you know, that place where they filmed "Anne of Green Gables." [someone just corrected me that it was Prince Edward Island...I knew that...]

Disneyland tomorrow! Yay!! And they just opened up Space mountain. I should wear my wait-in-line-for-hours shoes. Man, it's going to be so packed, but I'm excited, because this time it will be with my heart, Jason. :)
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