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I don't know why this is bothering me. I mean, I'm not even a Beatle's fan. It's probably just part of the drama I seek to make my life whole. Like the O.C.

Meet Cynthia Lennon:

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John Lennon's forgotten ex-wife pre-Yoko. Feels "airbrushed" out of the story. Had a baby with him. "Isn't bitter" (...right). Wrote a book to tell her side of the story, that John wasn't as wonderful as the world perceives him to be (that he beat her, etc.). Wants to be included. "The fans deserve [the truth]."

I'm sick of her already. Is on her 4th marriage, but insists on being called Cynthia LENNON. Capitalizing on her past relationship (of 7 years) with John Lennon. Claims she isn't bitter (...right).

He's dead. Leave him alone.

Meet May Pang:

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OK, cute. Yay Chinese (but...). Had a less than two-year affair with John Lennon inter-Yoko. Also feels "airbrushed" out of the story of his life. Also capitalizing on her mere 1.5 years as his lover. The lady's 55, probably has had numerous boyfriends, has two kids with ex-husband. Has dedicated her life to being known as John Lennon's once-lover.

Gah...can't people please move on? I feel sorry for the boyfriends and husbands that came after John. It's like THEY don't exist, never mind those ladies who want in. Everyone has to write their book (ew Amber Frey) and tell their story, to make themselves important and to get famous off of somebody they once knew.

The reason why you weren't mentioned much is because you weren't that important to his life. Get over it.
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